CCSS Audits Completed

Company Maintaining SystemSystem AuditedSystem TypeCCSS LevelIDCertification DateCertificate of ComplianceCCSSACCSSA-PR
Fireblocks Hot and Cold Vaults, Fireblocks Secure Transfer Environment, Fireblocks Authorization WorkflowQualified Service ProviderLevel 3CCSS000012023/11/15
Liminal Secure Transfer Environment, Liminal Firewall, Liminal Hot, Warm and Cold Wallets, Liminal Authorization Workflow, Liminal Automated Refill Engine, Liminal EVM Fee saver workflowQualified Service ProviderLevel 3CCSS000022024/02/17
Liminal Secure Transfer Environment, Quarantine Wallet Management, User and Team Management Workflow, Proprietary Firewall Engine, Transaction and Travel Rule Monitoring, Behavioural anomaly detectionFull SystemLevel 3CCSS000042024/04/22
Standard Vault, Flex Vault custody solutionsQualified Service ProviderLevel 3CCSS000032024/02/21