CCSS Course Master Level 1


This on-demand course crafted by industry professionals from C4 and CAT Labs is dedicated to C4's CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) and will equip you with comprehensive CCSS Level 1 knowledge to help build a solid and secure foundation for your cryptocurrency system. By completing this course, you will recieve a Proof of Training. This Proof of Training does not have any bearing on an entity's system's completion of a CCSS audit or a CCSS Certificate of Compliance.

The Power of CCSS

Other industry standards, like SOC2, fall short in the unique crypto landscape. CCSS fills this void, serving as a roadmap to secure cryptocurrency information systems against rising threats.

Major breaches at Mt. Gox, Bitfinex, and Parity, resulting in billions of dollars lost, highlight the risks of inadequate private key management and the urgent need for CCSS certification. This course is your pathway to help prevent security pitfalls so your company isn’t next in the long line of private key mismanagement.

Who should enroll?

The expert-led content in this course provides guidance to enhance your digital asset security, giving you an edge to prove to your customers that you take security seriously. Hedge funds, insurance companies, family offices, as well as individuals such as CCOs, COOs, CROs, CSOs, and security professionals dealing with cryptocurrencies will all benefit from a firm understanding of what is needed to attain CCSS Level 1 certification.

Course Topics:

  • CCSS Overview
  • Levels + System Designations 
  • Audit Scope + Trusted Environment
  • Key/Seed Generation
  • Key Storage + Key Usage
  • Key Compromise
  • Security Tests + Audits
  • Data Sanitization
  • Audit Logs
  • CCSS Audit Next Steps
  • And More!

Course Benefits:

1. Unravel CCSS

Explore the structure and importance of CCSS for a fortified crypto security strategy.

2. Level 1 Skills

Learn how to implement Level 1 security principles, focusing on key/seed generation, key storage, key usage, key compromise, and more.

3. Analyze Past Failures

Study previous private key management blunders to learn the preventative potential of CCSS certification.

4. Combine with other Security Standards

Discover the necessity of including CCSS certification to prove superior cryptocurrency security.

5. Best Practices Designed by Experts

Unlock the techniques for maintaining, auditing, and boosting your cryptocurrency security with CCSS.

Take control of your crypto security and sign up to start mastering CCSS Level 1.

This course is created in partnership with CAT Labs.