Frequently Asked Questions

How do I renew my certification? +

14 days before your certificate expires, you will receive an email alerting you. In order to remain certified, you will need to pay the renewal fee and retake the exam. When you’ve passed the exam, you will receive an email with your new certificate ID. 

I love what you're doing and want to help. How can I get started? +

C4 is a non-profit organization run mostly by volunteers. If you possess knowledge about cryptocurrencies and would like to use this knowledge to help accurately measure this knowledge in others, we'd love to have you on one of our committees. Please contact us at

I just completed my exam and saw two questions that seemed similar. Why? +

C4's exams are compiled from a database of questions significantly larger than the exam itself. When being compiled, a few questions are randomly chosen from each of the topics within that certification's Common Body of Knowledge. While it should be rare, it's possible that two similar questions can be chosen from a single topic.

What happens if I fail my exam? +

In the event you fail your exam, you will be able to retake it by paying the examination fee a second time. Once you've successfully passed your exam you can then complete your application for certification.

I just completed my exam and answered a few questions incorrectly. Can I see these answers? +

In order to maintain a high level of integrity of C4's exams, the results are kept private. This is to minimize the opportunity for cheating and ensure that anyone who successfully passes an examination truly posesses the level of knowledge associated with its certification.

Why am I asked to upload my resume to become certified? +

Most certifications require submitting a curriculum vitae or resume. C4's certifications are no different. Per our Privacy Policy, C4 works with cryptocurrency companies to help them find professionals in their area. C4 will only share this information with other parties with your consent, which can be given via the My Information page. If you have not consented to sharing your information, your personal information and resume will never be shared with anyone.

What does C4 do with the examination and application fees? +

C4 is a non-profit organization dedicated to measuring cryptocurrency knowledge in its applicants. The majority of the fees go to supporting our daily operations including costs associated with the development, hosting, and improvements of our website, our offices, educational materials, licensing fees for our third party vendors, and issuing certificates by mail to those who achieve certification.

Why are there two fees - an examination fee and an application fee? +

C4's certification process is modelled after the certification process that has been used by other certifying bodies for decades. The examination fee covers the costs associated with creating and administering the exam, whereas the application fee covers the processing of your certification, such as printing and shipping your physical certificate, and digitally signing your digital certificate.

How do I learn about Bitcoin and/or other cryptocurrencies? +

We offer study guides to prepare for the Certified Bitcoin Professional exam and the Certified Ethereum Professional exam. You can also purchase a prep book for the CBP, a prep book for the CEP, or take our CBP prep course on Udemy. To learn about cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects from leading experts, view FREE videos on our YouTube channel.



There is also a lot of open-source information out there that will teach you much more than what is required to pass C4 exams. If you excel at self-study, the best way to learn is by teaching yourself!

How do I get certified? +

C4's certification process is modelled after the certification process employed by many other certifying bodies. The process has four steps:

  1. Learn the knowledge necessary for certification
  2. Take the certification exam (requires payment of an examination fee)
  3. Submit your information to C4
  4. Complete your application (requires payment of an application fee)

Our CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Auditor Exam is now available and audits are underway. Learn more about the CCSS and how to get your system(s) certified.