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The CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) establishes cryptocurrency standards that help ensure a balance of openness & privacy, security & usability, and trust & decentralization.

Logo for Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP)

Who is a Certified Bitcoin Professional? A Certified Bitcoin Professional is knowledgeable about the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitcoin transactions, and how the Bitcoin network operates. CBPs are able to apply Bitcoin technology to their professional area of expertise and understand privacy aspects, double-spending, and other issues that relate to the currency. CBPs have professional working knowledge […]

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Logo for Profesional Certificado en Bitcoin (CBP)

Profesional Certificado en Bitcoin (CBP)

¿Qué es un Profesional Certificado en Bitcoin? Un Profesional Certificado en Bitcoin (CBP, por sus siglas en inglés) tiene conocimientos de la blockchain Bitcoin, las transacciones y el funcionamiento de la red Bitcoin. Un CBP puede aplicar la tecnología Bitcoin en su ramo profesional  y entender los aspectos de privacidad, el doble gasto y otros […]

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Logo for Certified Ethereum Professional

Certified Ethereum Professional

Who is a Certified Ethereum Professional? A Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) is knowledgeable about the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum transactions, smart contracts and the Ethereum Virtual Machine. You can become a CEP with our Ethereum Certification! CEPs have professional working knowledge in 33 topics which cover six (6) domains of Ethereum knowledge. These six domains make up […]

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Logo for (CCSSA) Crypto Currency Security Standard Auditor

(CCSSA) Crypto Currency Security Standard Auditor

Who is a CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor? A CryptoCurrency Security Standard Auditor is an expert in the CCSS. CCSSAs are able to apply the CCSS standard to any information system that uses cryptocurrencies, calculating a grade for the system according to the CCSS. CCSSAs have professional working knowledge in all 33 aspect controls of the […]

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Exam Methodology

Each of our certification exams is curated and updated by committees that are composed of volunteer subject matter experts who meet regularly to discuss and update the exam content in order to keep up with changes to the technology. The exams are delivered online so that you can take them from the comfort of your home or office. Click on any of our exams above to learn more about them.

In addition, we have Prep courses and books which can be purchased below.