Verify a Certification

Verify a Certificate

In order to verify the current status of a professional’s certification, please enter their unique Certification ID below. Scroll down for additional details.

Every certified professional possesses a unique Certificate ID. If you are working with someone claiming certification and they are unwilling or unable to provide a Certificate ID, exercise caution. All certified professionals are equipped with a Certificate ID for verification purposes.

If the certificate ID is 6 characters, enter it here.
If the certificate ID is 10 characters, enter it here.

Interpreting Results:

- If the search result is "No Professional Found," there is not a current certificate using that certificate ID. This may be because the certificate has expired or a certificate with that ID was never issued.

- If the name of the individual providing the Certificate ID does not match the name in the search result, exercise caution. This certificate is fraudulent.

- Certificate IDs 17ab5e, 4e276b and 5d811e are commonly used by scammers.

Please note, the CryptoCurrency Certification Consortium (C4) does not offer any training or certifications related to investing. Anyone claiming to have investment knowledge certified by C4 is likely attempting to scam you. Remember, your security is paramount. Be sure to do your own research, exercise caution, and stay safe out there!