What is the CryptoCurrency Security Standard?

The CryptoCurrency Security Standard is an open, free standard (created by industry experts) for securing cryptocurrency systems.

CCSS audited systems will either be identified as Self Custody, Qualified Service Provider (QSP) or a Full System (FS). You can read more about these designations in this blog post.

Any entity whose systems have been audited and certified will be listed on our website and can be seen at https://cryptoconsortium.org/completed-ccss-audits/. Don’t trust, verify. Any entity who claims to be certified but is not listed on our website does not, in fact, have a current, valid, CCSS certification. Certifications are point in time and are valid for one year from the certification date.

Fireblocks Limited has the first system ever to be CCSS certified!

Fireblocks Limited is the first company with a system to ever receive a CryptoCurrency Security Standard (CCSS) Certificate of Compliance, after having been audited by a third-party CCSS Auditor. Fireblock’s system, comprised of Fireblocks Hot and Cold Vaults, Fireblocks Secure Transfer, and Fireblocks Authorization Workflow, received a Level 3 Qualified Service Provider (QSP) Rating. Completion of this audit confirms that, at the point in time of the audit, the processes that Fireblocks’ system uses to create, store, and manage keys is secure and that they’ve maintained processes and practices that met the required levels of oversight, security, and monitoring in order to protect their system.

It is important to note, however, this does not verify that another system which uses Fireblocks is CCSS certified at any level. Any third party who uses Fireblocks’ system must be audited for compliance in the areas where Fireblocks does not have control and certified (or not) in an audit for their cryptocurrency system.


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