C4 is excited to announce the addition of the Certified Bitcoin Professional Prep Course to the Thinkific platform. While the course is still available on Udemy, Thinkific’s platform allows C4’s offerings to expand and provide additional learning and certification opportunities to a broader audience. Innovative colleges and cutting-edge companies have already jumped at the chance to have their students and employees educated and certified through C4. Increasingly, businesses are seeing the need for Bitcoin knowledge and certifications as cryptocurrencies continue to change how our world works. Using Thinkific’s platform creates the opportunity for C4 to customize packages and bundles for institutions and companies wanting to be at the forefront of this new space.

The CBP course is a great way to study for the CBP exam if you are a visual or auditory learner and want a step-by-step explanation of the material needed to succeed on the exam. Experts guide you through the material and there are short quizzes and assignments to check your understanding. You also have the chance to ask questions and receive answers from C4. The course content is based on the CBP exam, and those who take the course are well prepared and ready to become CBPs! Both course platforms enable updates to the material so you can be sure that any new material added to the exam will also be added to the course when you are ready to renew your certificate (certifications are valid for 2 years).

In the CBP prep course you’ll watch videos and follow the course with supplemental materials to help you prepare for the exam. Prefer an ebook because you learn better by reading? You can access that on our website. You can even purchase both resources to help you prepare!

C4 has several projects in the works to assist the crypto community, both those new to the space and experienced professionals, and we can not wait to share them. A Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) exam prep book is in the works, and a CEP exam prep course and many others will be added in the future as C4 continues to create educational material and certifications for the ever-expanding world of cryptocurrencies. Feel free to comment below on topics you’d like to see us cover and come Learn More with C4 by taking our CBP prep course!


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