Cryptocurrency and blockchain technology have impacted almost every industry, and as it continues to become more known and used, opportunities are rising! Better yet, you don’t need to have programming skills! Which begs the question, what kind of careers are available for the non-technical crypto enthusiast? Here are 5 ideas that might help you find your dream job.


Not a techie? It’s all good because crypto companies need help spreading the word! Creating marketing content can be one of the critical aspects of connecting buyers and sellers in the fast-paced world of blockchain technology. Learning about the non-technical aspects of crypto is essential for people who want to work in blockchain and crypto adjacent roles.

Graphic Design and Art

The explosion of blockchain technology has led to an exciting opportunity for artists to sell their work as NFTs (non-fungible tokens) online, but there is more to the industry than just that. Blockchain companies and those that use cryptocurrencies also need artists and graphic designers to help educate others on their products, mission, and values. It’s common these days for artwork to be interspersed with just about all educational and informative materials out there. So, if you’re a fan of blockchain technology and love to create and design, there is certainly a place for you.


Companies that use cryptocurrencies need technical and non-technical writers. Non-technical writers are needed to explain how products work to investors without getting into the nitty-gritty. Developing a business plan or explaining what the investors will gain, takes not only the skills of a good writer, but also a knowledge of crypto. It takes skills to explain a complex topic in an easy-to-understand way. A well-developed understanding of crypto is essential, and our course and certifications will give you a leg up in this industry.

Project Management

All industries need managers to guide projects from inception to completion, and the blockchain industry and other industries that use cryptocurrency and blockchain are no different. If you enjoy playing a key role in actionable projects and working with others, then a project management job that requires an understanding of cryptocurrency basics might be a good fit for you!


As cryptocurrency exchanges and EFTs become more mainstream, many people will want to hire an expert to deal in the crypto market for them! Asset managers, traders, brokers, and analysts will require crypto knowledge and certifications.

Endless Possibilities — Off and On Chain

The list above consists of general ideas for makinge a move into blockchain technology, but there are so many more options out there!

For example, Certified Court Interpreter Elda Ellis of Translating Worlds has worked in the legal system for over a decade. She is also a Certified Bitcoin Professional. Elda is an educator who specializes in courtroom protocol, Bitcoin technology, and cryptocurrency. She has carved out her niche as an educator, speaker, and consultant for court reporters and professionals and has translated educational materials and books about cryptocurrency from English to Spanish. Elda says that “Bitcoin is also for language professionals. It’s an amazing technology & it’s here to stay. I have to share with my Interpreter & Translator colleagues this wealth of information because cryptocurrencies will touch every aspect of our professional life. It’s imperative we learn its nascent terminology.”

Another example is Joshua McDougall, a C4 board member (CBP and CEP) who recently left his career as a digital investigator and has started building blockchain-based games full-time. Joshua started SlowNinja in 2014 with the creation of the game Coindroids, and is currently working with a small team and community input to develop a new game in the Cosmos ecosystem. He says, “I’ve been obsessed with exploring how blockchains can improve a gaming experience for over seven years. In my previous role, my focus was keeping digital assets safe. Being able to use that experience, while combining my passion for this innovative technology with my love of games, is something I can’t pass up.”


Resources for those looking to branch away from the traditional 9–5 to explore independent opportunities are becoming increasingly available. Take for example Opolis, which is geared towards those who identify as freelancers, independent contractors, and digital nomads. Opolis is an Employment Cooperative offering employment benefits and shared services. Their goal is to “simplify your life and streamline business complexities.” It seems like a perfect match for crypto enthusiasts ready to branch out!

There are Certified Bitcoin Professionals worldwide who have carved out jobs for themselves as they’ve explored the intersection of blockchain technology and their own interests and skills. There are thousands of people who have made the move into blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies, and as the space continues to grow, there continues to be a need for more and more Certified Bitcoin Professionals and Certified Ethereum Professionals.

As you move forward in your crypto career, C4 provides the learning and certifications you need. More information about our study materials and certifications is available on our website:


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