Earn your Certified Ethereum Professional Designation Today!

We’re excited to announce the launch of our Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) exam! Thanks to the hard work of our CEP committee and the generous Gitcoin Grants contributions that pushed this forward, the CEP exam is now available for you to take on our website.

About the Certified Ethereum Professional Designation

A Certified Ethereum Professional (CEP) is knowledgeable about the Ethereum blockchain, Ethereum transactions, and the basics of Solidity programming language and how to use it to understand smart contracts on the Ethereum network.

CEPs have professional working knowledge in 33 topics which cover six (6) domains of Ethereum knowledge. These six domains make up the Common Body of Knowledge that all Ethereum professionals must possess to earn the CEP designation.

The following careers could benefit from certification:

  • Accountants & Controllers
  • Application Architects
  • Call Centre Representatives
  • Cryptocurrency Enthusiasts
  • Developers & Software Engineers
  • Entrepreneurs
  • IT Professionals
  • Professors, Teachers, and Educators
  • Project Managers
  • Sales & Marketing professionals
  • Anyone Using Ethereum in Their Daily Lives!

The CEP Exam

The exam includes 75 multiple-choice and true/false questions covering 33 topics. The exam is time-limited to 20 minutes, so you will not have an opportunity to use a search engine. A passing grade of 70% is required to apply for certification. If you fail the exam, you can pay to take the exam again. You will be unable to apply for certification until you have successfully passed the exam.

Once you’ve paid your exam fee, there is no time limit imposed on when you must take your exam. Feel free to wait as long as you like after paying until you’re ready to take the exam without fear of any penalty. However, once you begin the exam you will only have 20 minutes to answer all 75 questions.

How to Study

Studying for the CEP exam is easy. You can download our Free CEP Study Guide for use, and watch our Ethereum playlist on YouTube as part of your self-study. The 33 topics are covered extensively online, making it easy to learn the knowledge required for certification.

Where to Learn More

C4’s certifications establish a baseline for real-world, practical knowledge in a particular area. Just like a driver’s license proves you understand how to operate a motor vehicle safely, our certifications and standards give you the confidence you need to use cryptocurrencies safely. Learn more about the Certified Ethereum Professional on our website.


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