Apply to Teach at Blockchain Training Conference 2019!

Are you passionate about sharing your blockchain and cryptocurrency knowledge with others? Apply today!

Apply to Teach at Blockchain Training Conference 2019!

C4 is actively seeking teachers to lead a session at Blockchain Training Conference (BTC) August 28th-30th, 2019. Are you an expert on a blockchain or cryptocurrency topic? We would love to hear from you! Here’s what you can expect as a BTC2019 teacher and how to apply:

What will teaching a BTC session look like?
Every teacher will instruct a 45-minute session on a topic related to cryptocurrencies and/or blockchains. BTC2019 has three educational tracks: basic, professional, and developer. Your session should be personalized to one or more of these audiences; some sessions will apply to multiple tracks.

What topics are available to teach at BTC2019?
We are looking for teachers for our basic, professional, and developer tracks in areas like: bitcoin and blockchain basics, ledger-based economics, basic cryptography, bitcoin basics, cryptocurrency commerce; courses for professionals in accounting, sales, marketing, education, project management, IT, law, or supply chain management; the technical elements of bitcoin, security, smart contracts, developing on the bitcoin and ethereum platforms and more. If you have a topic that is not listed here, apply! We are always looking for engaging new sessions.

How does C4 assist in preparing teachers for BTC2019?
Every BTC2019 teacher will be provided with written materials, quality training, and a 1:1 review of their teaching session with the BTC2019 educational director. We help every teacher prepare for classroom excellence.

What else can I expect for donating my time as a teacher to BTC2019?
Since C4 is a non-profit, we are seeking teachers who are willing to donate their time and expertise to this educational event. Every teacher will receive full admission to the conference, admission to an exclusive Teacher’s Dinner the night before the event with a guest of their choice, professional photo and video content they can use for future promotional purposes, and the recognition that they were chosen to instruct a course for the blockchain industry’s leading certification organization, C4.

Can I apply to teach a session on my company or ICO?
No! Please remember that BTC2019 is strictly an educational event. We are preparing individuals to become industry leaders. Our event is a no-shill zone and we take this ethos very seriously.

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