CBX Terms and Conditions

The use of the certification mark is intended to indicate that the services in association with which it is used are of the following defined standard: services to be provided using the certification mark are provided by persons who have satisfactorily completed an examination prepared and administered by the applicant for the purposes of measuring skill with respect to expert knowledge of Bitcoin as well as acceptance of the applicant’s code of ethics in force at the relevant time. Initial certification is for three (3) years and it is the responsibility of each user of the certification mark to renew his or her certification every three (3) years thereafter by meeting the following requirements: the user must:
  1. satisfactorily complete twenty-four (24) continuing education credits relating to Bitcoin from an organization recognized by the application before the certification expiration date, or (ii) submit official university, college, or continuing education transcripts to the registered head office of the applicant at least three (3) months prior to the certification expiration date; AND 
  2. since initially obtaining the right to use the certification mark the user must have received and maintained associate membership in the applicant.